Bands you've seen live the most

Shared a taxi with a dude last night who’d seen The Cure 45 times over the course of 40ish years and it got me thinking… I’ve never reached double figures with a band. Think my most is Biffy (4) and The Twilight Sad (4)


Idlewild (6)
Supergrass (5)
Red Hot Chilli Peppers (4, an ex was a fan, don’t @ me)
Radiohead (4)
Four Tet (3)

Probs josh t pearson

Billy Corgan (7x with the Pumpkins, 1x solo)
Burning Brides (4x I think)
Jimmy Eat World (4x I think)

Plenty of smaller bands x 10-20 times when my own band used to play with them. Bigger bands would be The National (7) Battles (6) GY!BE (6) Why? (4) Radiohead (4)

Radiohead (8)

Met a guy at the Hyde Park show who had seen Dylan over 200 times. Ringsania tbh.

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Fucked Up I think

He was rocking a panatela, a silver ponytail and a Stetson alongside his German accent. Genuinely lovely fella. Looked like Sam Elliot in Tombstone.



Buck 65 x 6 (had a friend who was obsessed with him)
Nomeansno x 5
Blur x 4
dEUS x 4

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Low 17 or 18 times.

Seen Haiku Salut, Exit Calm and a couple other bands more but have a level of friendship with them so don’t really count them

Probably seen the wave pictures 10+ times over the years, including festivals

The ones I’ve seen ten times or more are:

The Real Tuesday Weld 26
The Polyphonic spree 23
Efterklang 21
Loney dear 20
The Divine Comedy 18
I’m From Barcelona 14
Eels 12
Jens Lekman 12
Choir Of Young Believers 11
Sufjan Stevens 10
The National 10
Owen Pallett/Final Fantasy 10
Sons Of Noel And Adrian 10


Think I’ve seen Mogwai 10 times, at least twice as many as any other band (think I’ve seen Ben Klock about 6 times but he doesn’t count as a band).

The Cribs, 6 times, married a Cribs fan who has seen them about 20 times, his sister’s seen them about 25 times I think

Also The Hotelier 6 times, managed to see them 5 times last year alone if you include Christian’s solo gigs as he just does Hotelier material

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If we’re including DJ sets, used to go see The Chemical (nee Dust) Brothers all the time back in the 90s - including live sets, probably seen them…50 times.

Pure live band performances, probably seen Super Furry Animals and Death In Vegas around 20 times each. They both just used to play a lot (and have been around awhile) :+1:

Other double figure lads off the top of my head, seen The Cure, Underworld, Orbital and PJ Harvey about a dozen times each…

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No double figures, I think the only ones I’ve seen more than twice are

God is an Astronaut x 7
Puressence x 5
Monster Magnet x 4
Trail of Dead x 4

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Something like…

Mudhoney x 7
FotL x 5
Idles x 5
Sleaford Mods x 4
Charlatans x 4
Neds Atomic Dustbin x 4

some bands from Belfast i’ve been able to see heaps of times - i’ve probably seen ASIWYFA 10 times or more, likewise Girls Names and Sea Pinks, and some others are probably approaching that.

same with some other Irish bands, think i’ve seen Villagers 6 times, Jape and Oh Boland probably around the same

in terms of bands from further afield, i’ve seen The Twilight Sad 5 times which is the most i can think of (might see them a 6th time later this year maybe). Radiohead, Frightened Rabbit and Wild Beasts all on 4.