Banger Of The Year (2016 Edition)


This is a thread to post you fav banger of the year


Came in here to post this. Good work.


That riff and that voice!


That would have been my second choice! Good going!

Check this out by the way, Olsen running through how the song was written and recorded.



I like how she somewhat shrugs off the lyrics and when she’s discussing the freeing aspects of the non verbal vocals.

From the first time I heard this, I knew I was going to a be crossover hit for her. Kind of like St Vincent’s ‘Birth in Reverse’.


My song of the year.



Is this thread looking for my favourite song of the which could be described as a ‘banger’ or simply my favourite song of the year?



I really couldn’t get into the album but LOVED this!


bangers, mate. BANGERS.


kind of a shame the rest of the album wasn’t also a massive Against Me!/Gaslight Anthem rip-off, but this is a huge tune


i’ve got a pretty narrow definition of a ‘banger’, but here are some singles this year that should have been bigger than they were (even fifth harmony)

(nice to see that D.R.A.M. has had followed up to 2015 with even more bangers)

(not their best by any means, but it’s well documented here that i’ve been an M.O stan since 2013)

notable mention for ariana grande’s comittment to the cause, her album was full of them (greedy, into you, be alright, side to side, let me love you, bad decisions, and even everyday)

and OBVIOUSLY (although sorry is definitely a banger, and i think don’t hurt yourself is also arguably a #banger)


Lot of people posting good songs that are in no way bangers. Sort it out.



possibly the worst thing i’ve ever heard