Bangers 2019 (rolling)


As the album came out yesterday, I guess this counts as a 2019 banger?



yessssss. shout, dude.

it sounds like Four Tet if he was actually properly inspired and vital again


Dunno mate, the new Four Tet is pretttttty great.




holy shit :smiley:

happy to be surprised. this is big.


It’s HUGE, isn’t it? That vocal loop is ridiculously infectious! Though I’ve always loved whichever direction KH has taken, doesn’t have a dud record in my books.


I guess what I meant is that I haven’t really been blown away since maybe ‘Pyramid’?

he’s pretty much mastered his style, even if it’s not exactly a narrow style, and he’s the godhead of, like… the vague umbrella of Warehouse Project-style housey stuff for twentysomethings who go travelling and love festivals??

y’know. all of that, ahaha.

felt like he didn’t need to try that hard anymore, whereas that above tune made me think of his work, but with less of a safety net, more vitality.

this new one, though, yeah. infectious is the word!


Understand about what you mean with the whole ‘not needing to try that hard anymore’ though I feel like after a couple of years making slightly more relfective / somber pieces by way of New Energy and Morning / Evening, he’s maybe now leaning more to making tracks that will lead to more ‘hands in the air’ esque moments a la Pyramid.

Four Tet seems to go full circle with his music. Adapting to his earlier sounds whilst absorbing current influences (or so to speak). Like New Energy really hit all the same notes for me that Pause and Rounds did all those years ago with those almost autumnal and melancholic beats. Would be interested to hear what a ‘2019 version’ of Pink or Beautiful Rewind would sound like.



That kick drum at 6:30 sounds like the beginning of the apocalypse



Best music video I’ve seen this year too…


New PEPE DELUXE! “The Surrealist Woman”

I’m loving the Swing on this, and I hear even a little Archandroid-period Janelle Monae.


oh surprise surprise it’s another Lizzo banger:


Cannot get enough of this track at the moment.


this is the edge of the known musical universe, right here


Great album.



Peggy Gou doing what Peggy Gou does best -