Bangers 2019 (rolling)

Couple of remixes from the year that I’ve been meaning to post on here.

Those were the indie points bangers, now for the top 5 hip-hop BNGRS of the year so far:

Dropped on Friday - she’s still got the right stuff:

Ditto. Was worried after the glorious technicolour adventure of Baylor Swift she’d regressed into Xanax 5bpm trap, but no.

“Snide little bumsucker!!”

Maybe one for the old school.

I can relate as last month, I found a mushroom growing inside of my bedroom table :nauseated_face:

One sizzling hot banger courtesy of Mr Snaith.

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I may have let out an audible yelp of excitement putting this on for the first time.

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Releasing in 2021?? Is he developing it for the PS5?

Holy shit, this tune… a compulsive recurrence for the past month

1 of those slow bangers you just have to crank up to 12. (got to be one of the best videos of the year too)

Reminds me of the last Hot Snakes album:

Sorry @occupanther but this is categorically not a banger


Sorry … my bad. Thought this was a thread for ‘banging’ (ie: good) tunes. My DiS vocabulary need updating.

Mods, can you delete my original please so as not to derail the thread?

Burial always brings ‘The Bang’