Where’s the bangers thread? Poor show.

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Banger on arrival, it comes when it comes :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

All the years that end in 2, all the time.

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Think I had someone from most, if not all of our friendship groups, reminisce about how much they enjoyed this being on our wedding playlist

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This also pisses all over Pinball Wizard and Won’t Get Fooled Again.

Love this

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You had Used for Glue at your wedding? Amazing! Most weddings I’ve been to haven’t even had a hot buffet, let alone appeared on any postage stamp.

United by Fate was a huge, brilliant and legendary part of my life back then. Evokes those times even more than weekend-long Championship Manager sessions without sleep, 10 Bacardi Breezers in one night at Rio’s, and the smell of frying bacon in the CRGS Sixth Form canteen. And it led me to discover tons of amazing (earlier) emo, post-hardcore, hardcore punk, alternative rock etc. Though maybe I, and you, are owed a huge apology from the friend I lent UBF on tape to on the French Alps Geography trip and just outside Grenoble he said “This is brilliant, reminds me of the Stereophonics

I mean i went to that Stereophonics Donnington showbin 2001, which was sort of near when UBF came out, but yesh, odd link.

We did a very DIY wedding; cooked the lunch buffet in the days leading up to it and had daytime and evening playlists, the latter of which had UFG. At one point my new Brothwr in Law asked me to turn down Metallica, and I refused, stating Justin Timberlake was up next. You can’t turn JT down.

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No worries, I saw them headline V2002! They were OK I suppose, though the lineup, apart from Primal Scream in a rich vein of form off the back of XTRMNTR, was… not one for the ages.

'Tallica AND JT? This playlist keeps getting better and better! :smiley: Most weddings I go to usually just play 50 Poundland versions of Build Me Up Buttercup.

Strong year, '82!

This on, er, Encarta 97 single-handedly got me into old-school hip-hop! Before that I just thought 80s rap all sounded like the Anfield one.

Great cover too, 17 years on

Heh, 38 years on everyone’s still trying to mine Don’t Go for new bangerage

KEYCHAINS AND SNOWSTORMS! :heart_eyes: :goat:

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