Banging Saturday night thread

I have a little wine but am burning up. You?



Killing time before Kraftwerk.

I am so tired.

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Bit drunk in my slightly sketchy local with one my ATDs. Lots of big football opinions being forcefully expressed all around me.


Oh dear, ill or just too hot?

Well jel

The trouble with spurs/Liverpool is they always try to etc



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Soft brush, like for make-up or watercolors? Toothbrushy?

So so hot. I’ve got boujee avene thermal water but it’s not even touching the sides. Contemplating a cold shower. How are you?

wait have I been posting in the wrong thread?

Just cracked a beer, watching the football. Couple buddies coming by for Yankees Red Sox game later. :+1:

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Got blisters on my thumbs from brushing the decking too vigorously but otherwise all good ta! Beer, deadwood and cookies.

what colour socks do the yankees wear?

Pinstripe baby

I’m supporting the red socks then


Well, that makes more sense :wink:

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Your disowned. :grin: No supporting any Boston sports teams.

Oh they are from Boston? Even better, my mate went there once, said it was nice and the people weren’t too American

he was contrasting that with Florida btw for reference

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Oh I was about to say whaaaat? haha. Yeah Boston has a lot of Irish, florida just rednecks and retired folk.

He said Florida was just lots of malls and stuff no real greenery which sounded depressing to me

I went to Canada once, it seemed very nice and clean though I was a child at the time