Banging Saturday night thread

Save it for thursday

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this will have to do

Netsky’s not bad. But I’m not a big d + b guy. Aphextwinkletoes should be your go to man for those requests.


got the flat to myself, played some guitar, played some video games, ate some pizza, watching sopranos, got some tins



this is nice!

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Yeah not over the top boom clap drums and bass. Slows tone down, builds a nice crescendo flows well. I like him.

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I like drum n bass to be dirty and stupid sounding though, it’s just there to dance like an idiot to

Yeah the loud ultra fast stuff I can’t get on with.

it’s good when you’re wasted and having a rave. You should try it one day!

A rave? I’m 38 years old haha not a chance. Rather listen Steely Dan when I’m drunk.


Well yeah there’s never really a bad time for Steely Dan :slight_smile:

My friend got a match on tinder and wants to know what to message to someone who has no bio or anything. Looks compliments would make me feel kinda weird

Asking for a friend ofc

Ask them to give you a compliment

I’m bed with a barely readable trashy novel. Humming Pavement songs after seeing their reunion announcement for Primavera next year.

Earlier in the war museum we passed a car from East Germany that was from the cold war era. Jnr pointed and really seriously said “I remember that car, I used to drive it”. Then she walked on like she hadn’t just told me about a weird past life


Dis prima 2020??

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it’s not to late to go to the shop is it

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cool! brb x

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Can you get me some sweets

i need more grape fanta

think i have a problem