Bank Holiday evening thread


How were your bank holidays? What are you doing with your evenings? What was for tea? Any other business?

We got the artificial grass down in the garden so I spent most of my afternoon out there, thankfully in the shade. Brother made a decent pasta bake thing for tea. Going to get an ice cream I think, R was knackered so is already asleep. Have injured my shoulder somehow on my toddler carrying side so that is very inconvenient and uncomfortable.


(It’s a “calzone”)


Just made oaxacan chocolate mole with rice, quorn fillets and mexican sweet corn salad at speed. Turned out better than i expected. Gonna watch the snooky snooks once j is in bed.


Howdy all.
Had to work half day from home then we did a family hike in the afternoon. Pretty wrecked now, looking forward to a glass of wine once the kids are in bed.

Ah, this is the worst.

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Sounds very nice, I would definitely have eaten that (or @ericVI’s “calzone”) :yum:

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Decent beer, that


It never fails to astound me how difficult it is to pick up a child on the side I don’t usually use.



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Still sat here eating seafood and drinking wine :relaxed::grinning::+1:

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Evening all. I spent this morning at the beach, rock pooling with the kids and the dog. Had lunch with my Mam in her garden afterwards. I’m now back at home watching Alice Through The Looking Glass with the bairns. I’m knackered. Quite looking forward to a glass of wine.

I could murder a calzone right now.

4/10 until 4 o’clock, then 8/10 afterwards

Motherfucking BBBBBQ

Cleaning up from said BBBBBQ and having a crisp beer

Pretty knackered, so might stick the snooker on and have a kip

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Bank holiday bbbbbq count?

3/3 for me.

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same here tbh

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Just had a closer look at the photo. Why has that calzone got toppings on the outside?

Decided not to get an ice cream, going to sit around being moody instead.


hi FL! Hi other people!

Just been working on music cos I’m a boring boring man

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New life goal is to live in this building: