Bank Holiday evening thread

Yorkshire eh!!!

Bike ride :white_check_mark:
Pint on the way home :white_check_mark:
Dinner in oven :white_check_mark:
B&Q online shop later [pending]

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What’s for tea?

Veggie pies (Aldi, I’m absolutely obsessed with the cauliflower cheese one), new potatoes, broccoli :ok_hand:

New potatoes have no place on a plate in 2018.

Solid apart from that

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  • Boiled
  • Mashed
  • Roast
  • Some sort of French creamed thing
  • Baked
  • New
  • Sweet
  • Other (chips don’t count)

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Shut it Prof. They do in the right setting.

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This was a bad choice.

No wonder you go here every weekend!

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eating a salad from subway.

it’s preeeeeeeeeeety shit

housemates taking your clothes off the rack and dumping them on the side when they’re dry

  • don’t touch my clothes
  • at least fold them ffs
  • fine with this

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80s-90s food that we have rightly all decided was a mistake

New potatoes? Fuck right off


I’m not even a big new potato fan

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Why mate

very limited options

What potatoes are you boiling if not new potatoes?

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Yum, boiled Maris Piper potatoes please chef. Hold the sauce and seasoning

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Regular potatoes!!!

Jesus can’t wait for you lot to leave this wonderful union of ours

“Get the big pan out, delicious boiled jacket spuds for tea”

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