Bank Holiday Friday

Alright. Got any plans or are you working today?

Got to work to find a man sleeping rough on our loading bay. Have spent the past 40 mins giving him coffee and toast and having a chat. Nothing else really doing today.

Have fun guys


Hiya Rich, DiS - no plans except work plans for me, Bank Holidays don’t exist. Might clean out the under-stairs cupboard for a treat though.

What a treat chore that is. I’ve got to change the address on my driver’s license and logbook when I get in and get quotes for car insurance (premiums will jump as we’ve moved somewhere with on street parking, not driveway. Riveting

Ooh, treats all round. Car stuff is the dullest stuff.

Hi! Just a normal Monday for me. What’s a bank holiday?

Tell me about it.

@anon19035908 make sure you observe the 2min silence at 11 for are boys


Not sure why I’m awake so early again. Got a bit of work to do, some emails to send - maybe mark some stuff, and then it’ll be trying to keep the bairn amused till his bed time.

Might stay silent all day. 1 minute of silence = 1 respect.


I think it is when you are meant to celebrate the work and sacrifices of those greatest of national institutions… the banks.


Morning all

(Good one @rich-t - not sure the guy’s situation but most councils are offering housing to all rough sleepers during the lockdown. If he’s still about, then you/he could look up the council’s out of hours housing number)

Things are okay. I’m going to take my bank holiday weekend because work is fucking tough at the moment and I need all the help I can get. Gonna cook some Persian bits and pieces for Mrs CCB tonight, which should keep us in leftovers for a few days :slight_smile:


He seems to be drifting. Doesn’t really know the area and looking for somebody how may have gone missing. Talking about somewhere (ash vale for those local) being a big place (it isn’t). If I see him again I’ll mention it, but he’s moved on.

I’ll keep that in mind if I see him knocking about later on.

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Just had some secret breakfast cookies :shushing_face: (tbf they are just oats, banana, raisins and spices - so like baked porridge lumps)

Not feeling very positive about the day, as per, hope I can manage to do something nice with R at least rather than be completely useless. Might play my secret hand at last and get out the third box of my old lego from the cupboard under the stairs, pretty sure there is some good stuff in there.


Oh, R has learnt the phrase “pulling your leg”, which is quite funny/sweet/infuriating.


As normal as any other Monday that takes place on a Friday can be.

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My Monday takes place on a Friday every week.

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Stay well friend. X

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Sorry to hear about the hay fever, I’m just starting to get into the bit of the year where mine really kicks of and it is rubbish, isn’t it?

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No plans other than clapping all day so everyone knows how ruddy patriotic and respectful I am


My sister lives in Ash! (Never sure if Ash and Ash Vale are the same place).

Hampshire/Surrey border chat


Need to clean the bathroom :unamused:

(Not because I’ve shat everywhere… just generally tidy it.)

(Now I sound guilty… )