Bank Holiday Friday

double shudder

Set off the fire alarm, woke my housemates up

Took the garlic bread out of the oven with my hands for some reason

Got massive burns on my fingers

It hurts
Hiusemates aren’t happy

Cunt isn’t even burned

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  • Give me a long kiss goodnight and everything will be alright
  • Give me novacaine

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No one has hugged at hard as I’m gonna hug my little sister when we can be together again irl :sob:

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been there. got the burned hands t shirt.

owwwhh i think this is actually the worst i’ve burned myself

i’ve not even been drinking

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  • shite

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You OK darling? Xx

get that under the tap.

keep it there for 20 mins.

Holiday - Green Day

  • Yeah tbf that’s a classic
  • Nah fuck off

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feel like he’s always doing stuff like that

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dr oetker casa di mama is available in the UK:

  • not seen it
  • yes, and I will say where

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dunno what they’re playing at if not

Did I mentioned how he babysat me on the Eurostar once

@profk is the tap thing not a myth?

I’m fine thanks tiltz just a wee blister I’m just being a baby

it’s not, no. put it under the tap as quickly as possible for as long as possible. about 20 minutes. cools the area down, cleans it, and eases pain.

here we go:

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thanks. calming down now anyway but will go and stand with it under the tap like the moron that i am

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