Bank Holiday Monday Dinner Thread

Hi friends.
Was too busy dancing in a field to make a Sunday Dinner Thread yesterday and today is most of our Sundays anyway so here we are.

Please tell me what you are feasting on😊


Some chat about a pub lunch with work but I dunno if I can face anything too massive. Might get a salad.

Keep us posted!

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So far today I have had half a pasta n sauce - (cheese and broccoli) and 4 rosti sticks.

Want a really delicious dinner but I can’t be bothered to move.


That the Bachelors one? Fucking love that Cheese and Brocolli one

That’s the stuff! Brilliant hangover food.

Just bunged a piri piri marinade on a chicken. Roast that bad boy later and have it with the rest of yesterday’s bbq salads. ‘Cited.

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Options for dinner and tea

  • Left over pasta
  • Sausage (l.macs) Sanger
  • Katsu veggie kebab things
  • Lentil cottage pie
  • Takeaway curry
  • Korean-style Burger things

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That sounds great! What are the sides?

Pub lunch is OFF. Looking like a mozzo’s misery deal wahhh

Mango and banana curried pork. Had a massive gnocchi with goats cheese to start


There appears to be a mistake. I can’t vote for every option.

I hope you’re having something good for dinner.

I think it’s tofudogs :pray:


Byob wrestling


Ham sandwich (from home) with cheesey bacony chips (from cafe) for lunch, oh and a mint aero. Garlic & chilli roast chicken later.

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Homemade coleslaw (loads of purple shit in it, yes please), dill and spring onion potato salad and I’ve got some cress and romaine leaves. Get some bacon bits on it and it’s game over.

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Gonna make a mac n cheese with some crispy roasted b-nut squash as a side/optional sprinkle and some peas


Gonna do a bbq in a bit


Just been watching this thing called The Chefs’ Line on Netflix and now I’m googling Turkish restaurants :drooling_face::drooling_face:

Got no-one to go with though so will undoubtedly end up eating crisp sandwiches at home :rofl: