Bank Holiday Monday Dinner

It’s our Sunday!
But also it’s Monday.
I haven’t eaten since yesterday early afternoon when I ate 3 slices of cake.

What are you feasting on, friends?
We’re 'bout to pop a pizza in the oven for breakfast :smirk::hugs:

Love you!


Dr Oetker I presume?


Taking supermarket sushi and strawberry donuts to the park, I think.

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I ate 4 cheesestrings


Have the clocks changed or something :upside_down_face:

Nah, but it’s half 3 where we are.


Heading into Reading later for my book club (reading in Reading!)

And trying to decide what I want to eat. Itsu for noodles I think

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I love reading in Reading!
What are you reading for book club?
Why is your book club in Reading?
Why aren’t I invited?

Nowhere is open cos Ramadan so we had a huge breakfast in the hostel and we will now just make it through to sunset without anything. I’m starving already ffs. Mad respect to Muslims, all without water too, it’s 34 degrees here for goodness sake


How was said flatbread

Pretty good actually. Cheese was def plastic tho

So true - I think I’d be exempt because of diabetes but the idea of eating or drinking nothing between 6.00 and 8.00 or whatever is maddening. Quite literally a first world problem though…


Made the egg, cheese and spinach potato all in a pan that was recommended to me just the other day but having looked through my notes cannot see by whom…

Was V good except MrS is a baby about eggs so had to cook a lot, so not only the white but the yolk was hard…next time will.poach and whack on top.

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We are reading The Outrun - Amy Liptrott. Which is OKish, and has some amazing animal content, but I am not a huge fan on non-fiction. We’ve read much better IMO. Next week is the SF spin off with The Sparrow, which was amazing.

It’s in Reading as most people live there. I am an outlier as I don’t, but I work there, so usually it’s very convenient for me.

Come along! The more the merrier :slight_smile: if you fancy it, PM me and I will send you the details. I’ve only been going a year, but they are a nice bunch of people. GBOBW (Great Bunch Of Book Worms).

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Book clubs are good, aren’t they?

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They are. My friend tried to get me to go to one she ran for about five years. I didn’t as I thought everyone would be in cravats and talking about subtext and deconstruction. Eventually went and love them. A real range of topics, levels of chat etc. And the reason I joined was to discover new books…which has worked really well.


I started one in Newcastle when I was living there for this reason.

Luckily when I moved to Glasgow there were already options available.

I’ve read some really shit books as a result of book clubs but also some amazing novels and authors.

keep misreading the thread title as ‘black monday’

Might take you up on that, actually :slight_smile:

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