Bank Holiday Monday 🤸‍♂️

Happy Banko my cherubs

What are your plans?

We are heading to Jerash I think, the biggest Roman ruins outside of Rome or something like that, looks pretty decent. Its my last full day in Jordan and I’m quite sad, has been one of the best weeks of my life.

Gonna watch gamesy thronsey on my phone before we get going, sharing one earphone each. Truly how the creators intended it to be seen.


Who poo pizza thank you

I dictated the words whoop whoop it’s a Banko and the above is what was delivered. I feel it is too good not to share

Who poo pizza thank you to you too tilters, and to you Juke, and indeed to you all.

Working 9-6, hoping for quite a low key day, then got absolutely nothing to do later, which I’m very much looking forward to.


Working, trying not to kill everyone


Also working. Three day week though, off to Turkey on Thursday.


Off to work

Who poo pizza? You poo pizza

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Morning anyway. Plans: go up to the coast for a walk, maybe have lunch out, football playoff final-thats-not-an-actual-final. That’s about it. Was granted a lie-in til 7.04!

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Off to work, booooo

Jerash is amazing. The whole of Jordan knocked my socks off, just a pure magical place. :smiley:



Well my oncoming cold has arrived full force and my hamming it up to annoy the wife just isn’t having the effect I was looking for. I think she’s onto me. :thinking:

As for today? Watch GoT will be about the most of it.

Morning Juke, All. Today’s gonna be mostly a chill out day except for a walk over to Easton to pick up some special curry ingredients from the Indian supermarket. And then it’s GoT in the evening, woop woop.

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Still in bed. Need to go to the shop for breakfast food but as usual I have no money.

Would love to swim later but see above.

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I hope this doesn’t rub it in but you’ve actually made me want to go swimming now it sounds like a really lovely idea

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Had a lovely long weekend in Dorset, gonna head out for fish and chips by the sea and then drive back to London.


Enjoy it, I will swim vicariously through you :fish::tropical_fish::octopus:


Gonna go Cathkin Braes I think

Would the pool not be closed with Bank holiday?

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Not in centres of culture

Around here, yes.

Was recently amazed that in some places the chazzers open on a Sunday!!