Bank Holiday Mournday

Morning sugars

Got a sore throat/dry lips and general urgh today. Been awake since half six as I forgot to turn my alarm off :person_shrugging:

Got work to do, potatoes to cook, books to read.

MrS wants to watch the funeral and has requested I keep my opinions to myself. :rofl::rofl: seems unlikely.

How bouts you?


On a Ryanair plane waiting to take off. People are late. This is irksome.

Lasses in airport hotel next to ours were wasted and partying til 4am, singing really bad songs very loudly. That was more irksome.

People, man

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Morning :wave:

Too beautiful a day to waste on a televised funeral, so we’re going up to the coast for a walk and a picnic. (Tbh it would have to be pretty bleak weather for us to not go to the coast for a walk, but we might skip the picnic in that scenario).

Actually slept really well last night, for the first time in ages.

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Good morning. I’m going to work and will pretend its just a normal Monday.


Gonna go for a run,
Descale my coffee machine, set a bike up on a turbo, watch the last episode of love is blind reunion… basically anything but watch that shit show.


Keep thinking you’re Laelfy returning :sob:

(I mean, it’s nice to see you too, but I do miss her)


I’m already working and it’s not going well


Everyone else is off/mourning so nobody messaging me or emailing. No distractions on TV either, although I did note Come Dine With Me is on later this morning

Morning all!

I also forgot to turn my alarms off but one of them is my daughter and she doesn’t switch off. We’re watching a Korean version of Power Rangers on Netflix and eating toast.

No idea what plans are for the main day but The Child has asked twice if she can see her friend from school so might sort a park meet.

I’m playing football in Paisley later.

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Might cut rhe grass.

Probably just going to lie in bed all day today.

Can’t think of a more fitting tribute.


6music playing Longpigs so that’s something


Which song? I’m hoping it was Free Toy. Can’t not sing that at the top of my voice.


At work. Pointless. Gonna be driving empty trains around all day by the look of it.

On and on.

Banger really.


OG bairn has discovered the quizzes for kids on sky. He’s doing quizzes for shows neither of us have ever watched.


Gonna try on all the stuff I bought yesterday, tidy the flat, order some boots, maybe take myself for some afternoon booze and a read, have a wander round the park if the weather holds

Also on sore throat book, kept me awake a good chunk of the night as well. Never mind, I’ll just pop down the local shop and get some Strepsils……oh. Might go and look at some goats instead.

Also remember the grab my night turn choc and crisps last night, very good forward planning

Dinner will have to be a takeaway though, oh no disaster etc

I have a meeting at 10am about a research project I’m working on for someone at my uni. Going for a walk soon and excited for the autumnal feeling. Going to have a speedy breakfast then go out :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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