Bank holiday reform thread

If we had the power to change bank holidays, would you:

  • Ditch them altogether
  • Amalgamate them into one easily achievable long break
  • Move them all to be on Fridays
  • Other (please specify at length)
  • Leave them as they are

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A couple more in the winter months


In addition to the ones now, or move one of the spring ones?

We can swap the early May one but it’s worth two winter ones.


Thanks - I’ll update the proposal.

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not really bothered

something nice about everyone having a long weekend at the same time though, rather than just taking an extra day off at random that you’re not even going to do anything with


It’s looking like we can put one in November and one mid-late Jan.


instead of bank holidays I get an extra 8 days annual leave which I can take on the bank holidays if I want


Yeah, that’ll work for me. Cheers Spunky

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I find them a bit annoying. It’s nice to have a random day off, but everyone else has that day off so some of the best bits of having a random day off are neutralised.


This is so good! I wish I’d added this option to the poll.

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Spread them uniformly throughout the year, always on a Monday or Friday.

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I’m not keen on more bank holidays as they stand because I don’t think we should have more days where the lowest paid people have to serve food and drink to huge numbers of other people cause of a :two_hearts: love of brunch and getting drunk. Bank holidays can be so painful.(this is my only experience I’d bank holidays)Can bank holidays be separated from that somehow? Maybe we can all quietly reflect on the labour movement with loved ones in a park, or make the booze and food come from vending machines supplied straight from factories via a network of underground pipes, or maybe we pay people more. Idk.

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This is the one that the Tories keep wanting to scrap and replace with Trafalgar Day or some bullshit - at least in part because of its association with Labour Day/International Workers Day, so I’m inclined to hold onto this one :+1:


not sure if it is just something my employer does or a wider civil service thing

The long gap between August and Christmas is a bit of a slog

I like the idea of two winter days = one summer day though

It’s easy to forget that in Scotland they’re all different in different areas anyway (set by local authority I think??)

The mill towns where I come from used to have things like wakes weeks where everyone in an area is off for a week or two when the factories close down. I quite like this idea and think they should bring it back

There should be more in general, and a four day week, and 40 days a year paid holiday, and universal basic income


My girlfriend’s work does this.

She quite likes it, dunno how I feel about it. Think it’s good having a day that that the office is closed that gets built into workload planning etc

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IIRC that’s actually how the law is set up. No obligation to give Bank Holidays as leave but they count towards your annual leave entitlement

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I think it works because there is no expectation people will work the bank holidays and most people dont, I do because im all about maximising the solid blocks of non working, so currently have four lots of 2 weeks off a year

I had this bizzare scenario last year where I was signed off work over Christmas and got given back all my christmas bank holidays to use as leave… is that… is that normal?