Bank Holiday Sunday Dinner Thread Part 1

Hello, friends!

Tomorrow is my Sunday. Going to cook up a feast. Probably enchiladas with Mexican blackbeans.

Broke my fast this morning with 2 slices of leftover pizza from Friday heated in the oven alongside 3 and a half smiley faces served with mayonnaises.
Heading into London now. Going to eat pizza for lunch then probably down a bottle of wine and not eat for the rest of the day. I’m hoping we have the time and sense much later tonight, to get some form of dinner on the way home. Preferably pizza.

What are you eating today? Are you planning a Sunday Dinner style dinner for tomorrow?

Wishing you all a delicious and nutritious Bank Holiday weekend :yum:


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Hi @Gnometorious, long time no speak

I’ve been threatening to eat bacon for a few days, today might finally be the time.

I’m at work tomorrow covering my Irish clients cos they’re not on a Banko, and one of my best pals here is covering Spain, so we’re the only two in the office from our team, so we’ll be able to blast some tunes and throw the frisbee about and generally do sod all, can’t wait. I’ll get a day of in lieu as payment for being in on a BH so it’s decent. We’ll probably order something in but haven’t figured that out yet.

Impressed by your triple pizzaing, you’re in inspiration to us all.

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I’m looking forward to a toad in some hole later.

My midday meal will probably be toast and jam because I live well.

Triple pizza sounds decadent.

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We’re at centre parcs and we’re going to disposable bbq it up later


Leftover curry.


I’m going into Loughton and Pizza Express is full on wikinking at me

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Really need to eat healthy today

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Go on, then.

Gonna try and make a tofu casserole

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  1. Had chicken Katsu curry for lunch. Debating about ordering a burger for dinner or using up snacks and maybe buying a spag bol from 7/11

  2. I doubt I’ll be given the option of a roast tomorrow. Most likely rice with pork or chicken twice and then drive thru on the way back from Gatwick.

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Working today, got some left over pasta bake from last night that I’m not particularly thrilled about for lunch.

Having salmon and rice or something like that when I get home.

I will also be going Mexican tomorrow night - gonna do nachos and tacos and all that.

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Pasta bake is a great lunch! Grilled cheese :partying_face:

What taco fillings? Thanks for reminding me we need to get tortilla chips and avocado for sides :partying_face::partying_face:

Getting a pizza brought over to me in a short while… I’m going to eat tht pizza and have a very happy time doing that.


Im so hungry but barleysugar js still ASLEEP.

Not over keen on it the next day though. Would’ve preferred my krisprolls and cream cheese and a chunk of pork pie, but was made to feel bad about wasting it.

As for the tacos, we’ve got some stir fry beef strips in the freezer so might do them with that for a change. Plus a shit load of pico de gallo, naturally.



Yes plz

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That gnome’s one. At one point she was over two and a half slices ahead of me, and i made an appropriate comment about her not messing around. In response she grinned, bounced up and down with glee and announced that she was most certianly not.