Banko Monday


Morning cherubs

What you got on today?


Morning juke.

Up early to make fancy baked beans - they’ll be ready at 12.


Hi Juke, warny, all subsequent Mondayers. Working til 6, obviously. Might BBQ later, might not, depending on cba levels.




Morning early risers

Off to see some bluebells this morning. Barbecue this afternoon. Decent enough bank holiday.


morning DiS

legs are v tired from cycling lots. meant to be just riding to a cafe and back today but then that was also the plan yesterday and I ended up going up a mountain…


Nothing right now :wink:

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On the tube heading to work. I’ve a 9am to 8pm shift. Should be just as tedious as I’m expecting.


Listening to the Weyes Blood album on the way. A beautiful album.

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Wotcha Jukey / DiSers. Lovely morning here. Drinking freshly-ground coffee, eating toasted cobs, got my balcony door open for a touch of air.
Need to nip to Tezza’s in a bit for some supplies, then off to footie this afternoon.


Hey just checking in :credit_card:


My sleepy brain read this as an announcement of your pregnancy

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Going for a run and a swim then eating all the foods


Just had a look at your remaining fixtures NV. Saturday’s a biggie then?


Been at work since 6
Queueing for a coffee from the Costas here




You know it baby!

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Plan for the day:

  • go to Ely on the train :train:, walk along the river, maybe go to the country park :national_park: and have a picnic :sandwich:
  • come back on the train :train: and go watch the football :soccer:
  • come back, make pasta for tea :spaghetti:
  • go on my work laptop :computer: to deal with a few emails and keep the pre-week dread :grimacing: away
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Morning troops, hope you’re all fabulous.

I spent the weekend building a bunch of garden furniture to take advantage of our deck, including a play house for the kids. Absolutely magic. Can’t wait to basically stay outside for days on end now. Considering the fact we haven’t had a use able garden in four years - a patio sandwiched between two main 60mph roads was never very relaxing - this is transformative I think. My girls think they’ve won the lottery.

Also the dog can believe his luck.

My wife starts her Transcendental Medication classes today so that’s a big deal.

Hope to hear back about the interviews I went on. Cautiously hopeful about them.

Oh, and I have negotiates with my old work down from their original three month notice to actually just pay it to me as PILON when I do sack it off, so that’s a good thing.


Hello all.

I have just arrived at Egton Bridge for our Bank Holiday walk. Decided to go really early figuring the free car park would get very full, but I guess most people like a lie in on a holiday because

If I could live anywhere in the world, it might well be Egton Bridge. Not only is it a tiny beautiful but not too touristy village in the heart of the North York Moors, but despite its size it has its own beautiful Catholic Church and Saint!! Would love to go for Mass one time, but whenever I consider it I get nervous.

Absolutely no idea how long this walk will take as I’m terrible at reading maps, but it’s a nice day and I have plenty of water (and regardless we’re right by a river).