Banks ban the bitcoin


Seen this absolute shower

Now I have zero interest in bitcoin but I have less interest (less than zero correct) in banks pretending they are doing us a favour

Yeh banks don’t want us getting into debt. No they definitely don’t benefit from that.


I guess it depends on if this is common for any volatile thing? I mean it’s hard to recall any stock item with a similar wild swing but I guess it’s possible that banks always stop people from spending on credit like this.

It is only credit cards, they aren’t stopping you using money you have in your bank account to do this, just preventing people from speculating via credit.

In fact it may be you can’t buy stocks and shares using credit cards anyway, and this is essentially the same sort of deal?

Possibly @Raanraals would know about this area?

Bitcoin and Blockchain in 2018

Classic banks


should ban the other types of money now


Fuck the system. I’m off to swipe some pine nuts.


Yeah look


Can you get me some gel


Not a great savings rate m9


I think banks have shown in the past that allowing people to have loads of credit and use it for what they want is a really sensible idea, and should be a consistent model for the future prosperity of the world.


This is in the newsagents near my work:

End of days…


It’s just credit cards, no one’s stopping you buying the silly internet-money.


it’s just reassuring to know that banks have my best interests at the core of what they do. What a bloody, ruddy, great set of banks


Credit card providers/banks can choose to/not to lend you money for whatever they want at the end of the day. No-one’s infinitely entitled to credit.


I think I need to introduce you to the Tory government :wink:

/little bit of politics


I don’t get it. Is this a Universal Credit gag?!


great joke theo, credit where credit’s due


I just mean they’ll always be assumed to be a “safe pair of hands” with the economy etc




Yeah sod it. Bitcoin for all!


Got to love this follow up to just immediately torpedo the good joke