Banksy has done another art

what do we make of this then? rats wearing masks, dishing out hand sanitizer, etc. very prescient stuff if you think about it.


masks u fink.


rat fink


He definitely secretly voted for Brexit and still thinks it’s a good idea.

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They can’t ever catch this guy in the act huh?


Yes, that is the real date of the gig

Banksy paints a rat sneezing, while another struggles to get a mask on and at the end of the clip he sprays the words “I get lockdown, but I get up again”, riffing on Chumbawamba’s 1997 hit

Love how Mr Art As A Comment On Modern Life can’t think of a pop culture reference from this century.


well he’s certainly shown me

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rats are great

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shown you what though?!

Don’t really get all the dislike for banksy, yeah the art work might not be to your taste but he’s gone out of his way over the years to do stuff in places that really needed it, culturally and financially. Think he’s probably a GBOL.


some rats i guess


It’s hard because promoting mask wearing is good, but flag shaggers who don’t like masks because of tin hat alt right narratives will already hate him so will see this as furthering their point

sure, he brightens up the place and that’s cool, just wish 90% of his work wasn’t so cringey

thought the ones on the gaza strip were spot on tonally tbh

He’s done work that people have sold and it’s benefited communities. That’s good I think. Don’t really have an opinion on his work from an art point of view.

Living outside the UK, I’m enamored by Banksy. Mainly how he has stayed so elusive throughout his career. Do we reckon its just one person or a collective of people?

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he’s probably 1 guy with a team, and he’s almost certainly a west country bumpkin which makes it funnier


who knows. I hope his identity remains a secret though. Quite nice in this day and age for something to actually remain secretive!

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