Banksy has done another art

They don’t clean it all off with hot water and fairy liquid, they remove part of the wall/whatever it was on

That some kind of BDSM thing?

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I’m just saying

:smiley: if only. Would be much more interesting if that were the case, IMO
Appreciate I’m a philistine or whatever though

you’re thinking of Spar

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I know there are loads of rumours, but has it actually been proved? genuinely don’t know.

Was working in Cheltenham when this went up, when someone smugly told me about it I told them about the two I’d walked past on the way to Temple Meads that morning.


Dunno about proved. I know the person who everyone thinks it is is definitely him.

Great Boss

Good Boss

Inexplicable Boss

This guy?


i thought it was supposed to be a fella out of Massive Attack but wikipedia strongly suggests it’s some other lad who i haven’t heard of

Google tells me Banksy is Aphex Twin.

:smiley: lovely stuff. Yeah I was living about 30 seconds away from it when it went up. Felt so sorry for the people who’s house it was on the side of.
Loads of copycats around now and yeah, got taken away anyway.
Terribly dull stuff IMO

It can’t be because Aphex Twin is John Craven? (i’m aware this may be lost on an American so apologies)

Sorry @banksy for being mean and slagging your work, some of it is nice I’m just in a bad mood. Apols

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okay right here right now no nuance or fence sitting


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what about those blokes who painted henry 8th looking all paunchey