What do you think about Banksy?
I quite like the murdered phonebox, the palestinian children, that bear with a moloatov in Stokes Croft, and the film. So I suppose I do quite like him.


Whatever the consensus is. I think that.


Novelty’s worn off a bit hasnt it


Of his schtick or of street art in general?


I’d like to take the contrarian stance.


His shtick really. he’s done well to not be identified though


Enjoyed his stuff in the 00s, the Christmas popups, the film and Dismayland so yeah, guess I’m a fan…


He has been identified.


Not a fan


yes, yes he has. had to abandon my post

thanks man


I like him and what he gets up to.


Was that when the Mail or whoever went ‘Banksy revealed to be a middle age white guy!’ and the world went ‘no shit’.


It’s weird, you’d think he’d be too busy to keep doing Massive Attack with all the spray painting and stuff.


he’s a great deal better than that Emin lass, that’s for sure


Street/urban contemporary has come on a pretty long way since he was initially pretty fresh. I think he’s basically now heavy-handed satire made flesh


Who is he then? Didn’t know it’d come out.


Robin Gunningham


Are you guys saying you’d love to go to an art fair this week that can give you an insight into a better class of urban contemporary art?


That’s the thing with these ‘who is he?’ mysteries. He’s just a guy who’s real name you’ve never heard of.


Best Save Ever™