Bankywanky Mondaywondingtons

Hello! What plans have you?


Up at 4.50 with the kiddo who proceeded to throw porridge all over everywhere. Not a great start.

Not many plans today, need to sort the garden a bit and prepare for going back to work tomorrow (ugh).

Why am I awake


Lovely morning so forced myself to start Couch to 5k after a lazy winter of no running. Wasn’t too horrific.

No day off for me though, so juggling children and work for a bit until the father in law arrives to distract them with sugar for a bit.

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Fleeing the country. Not coming back until this coronation nonsense is over.


Morning all!

I’m up with The Child eating breakfast. She’s watching The Muppets so not completely terrible.

We’re going to a storytelling thing this afternoon and then I’m playing football.

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Awful nights sleep. Luckily I don’t have to drive 3hrs home today.


Had today and tomorrow booked in the studio with a great singer who’s over from London to do the final vocals on a track we’ve been working on since September…but yesterday afternoon I started getting a sore throat and after a terrible nights sleep I’ve woken up with a full body headache & mucus for days and it’s taken me an hour just to eat breakfast


Session cancelled. Fortunately she’s back here in two weeks

I’m considering going back to bed

I might be using a wheelbarrow today, lads


Off to Clevedon for the morning

Home for some work :weary:

Japanese food for lunch I reckon



About to take the dog for a spin. Possibly a quick bike after that.

Going to the food court thingy for lunch. Reckon I might have tacos.

Off to work this evening. With no guarantee of doing anything other than twiddling my thumbs for 8 hours.


Triple flat viewing, otherwise probs just holiday prep

Might order a bunch of hot sauce also


My phone reminds me the night before. Usually feel like it’s rubbing it in a bit, when I’m getting up at 3am work.

Bank holiday energy


Our doorbell rang not long after 9am thanks to a bloke selling his gardening services door to door

  • Bit rude on a bank holiday morning
  • Totally acceptable, you should be out of bed before then

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Bank Holiday, but working. From home.

Went for a run, bought a big bun


Morning. Finally moved for breakfast and a shower, off to go meet my niece for the first time shortly. Might pick up some pastries on the way.