Banning menthol cigarettes will discourage young people from smoking






Menthols are old people cigarettes anyway! I thought the Tories loved the old.

(Menthols are awesome)


and forcing people to buy bigger packs of baccy will also help




They should just bring in a rule where nobody born after 2010 can buy fags.


There already is, they’re not old enough


Completely true. Most of my friends (which are all 16/17yo) only smoke if they’re given a menthol cigarette.


Worth a try


Aye, but imagine if people born after 2010 were never permitted to buy fags. Itd sort of just phase out. Those old enough to be addicted would be permitted to purchase until they died.


Alright, Putin.


Great minds and all that.

He truly is the greatest leader in the world at the moment.