Bao buns

  • A meal deal sandwich from Tesco
  • A bao bun

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Meal deal sandwich. And I hate meal deal sandwiches…

Everywhere now aren’t they. Probably because they cost pennies to make. Pretty good as a side to something else but not that great imo

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They’re fine, I suppose. Would not be taking a singular bao over a sandwich for lunch though.

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I buy the microwave ones sometimes and have 2 of them for lunch


One of the great current foodstuffs

Especially see them in trendy bars in Liverpool, like every other new bar has started doing bao buns. We went from 0% bao coverage to total saturation in like a year

You say this like they might become extinct??!

Oh yeah the planet is burning

The changed the recipe of the caulliflower one at North tap which was one of my favourite food things.

Never had one


What do you out in them?

Oh yeah, I’ve got a free beer voucher to use at their new place in Brum. Might have a bao while I’m at it (and then pop in the coop for a sandwich afterwards)

Got one in my hand just now actually as it happens

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You can get some microwave stuff as part of meal deals now I think? Maybe they’ll start doing bao buns for shrewbie

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They’re pre filled, i dip them in sambal and wolf them down

Oh I’m not a massive fan of the pre filled ones prefer ones that fold over, taste better somehow.


I nearly got one in Asda but looked at the calories and it was 300 odd. That’s not enough for lunch so I got a brie, bacon and chilli jam sandwich and it was probably the best supermarket sandwich I’ve ever had


You bloody love Asda.


My atd used to work at a bao bun place in Peckham and the owner was a cunt and used to take their tips, so I hate baos now.