Barbara Windsor has died

(I’ll be honest, I thought she had died a few years back so this was a bit of a surprise.)

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Yeah I think it’s also impressive how she was able to get such a good late-career burst going. Lots of actors just fade away.

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Her husband seems like a lovely bloke. Watched a couple of interviews he did after her diagnosis and he just came across as really genuine fellow who properly adored her. Really sad.


^This. Ironically, he was almost like a father figure to her. Soulmates I would say

one of those people who seemed like a constant in life. she packed a lot in and was clearly a very lovely person. what more can you ask for.



Happy go lucky and bubbly - what’s not to love about her. Remember reading Kenneth Williams’ diaries and he loved her so much as a person that he wanted to marry her. What an odd couple they would have made.


aw :frowning:

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that’s sad.
my ex used to work in a really posh deli in Marylebone where appazo all the customers were fucking awful, except Babs who used to come in all the time and was always really nice “oooh 'ello darlin!” etc and seemed really genuine.


really? :frowning:

Seemed like good egg, RIP.

She didn’t seem to like Michael Gove much at least

Get out of this pub!

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RIP Barbara

Would love ‘get out my pub!’ as my ringtone.