Barbecue sauce

It’s fine, isn’t it. Not as good as brown sauce or ketchup, obviously but still good on a cheeseburger or as a marinade. Got some of this on the go at the moment

and it’s very nice indeed actually. Lots of different kinds of BBQ sauce aren’t there. Can anyone tell the difference between the regional varieties from the US of America etc? Doubt it, but let’s have a talk about barbecue sauce for a bit.


Used to be really into it but we’re on a break right now

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BBQ > tomato > brown

On a burger

Tomato > bbq > brown

On a full engy

Brown > tomato > bbq


McDonald’s barbecue sauce is a high tier condiment imo


The bigger one you get with chicken selects is :fire::fire:


It’s ok in the right situation and the right quantity.

Can be incredibly sickly though.

Annoyingly hard to argue with this.

The Paul Newman barbecue sauces are really good

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I like it but have to be incredibly selective because of how many of them contain mustard.

Big fan of the mustard based bbq sauces (don’t know much about the regional differences other than I think this is commonly called a Carolina BBQ sauce).

Like this one.


Not a huge fan. But I think the best one I’ve tried is Stokes’

Enjoy a BBQ sauce when i’ve got some kind of chicken to dip (e.g chicken strips/goujons etc). Don’t really eat it much outside of that.

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My condiment of choice with most things. I’ve settled on the standard sweet baby rays as my go to at the moment. I think the pinnacle of bbq sauces is the super dark and mostly molasses based sauces you seem to only get at proper bbq restaurants. I don’t think i’ve ever found one available in shops that replicates it quite.


I regret to inform you that the sauce knower has logged on.

The generic BBQ sauce most folks recognise is Kansas style fwiw


My brother in law has barbecue sauce on his roast dinner. What do we think about that then?

section him



I would love to but he’s a mechanic who used to be a builder so he’s too useful to me for sectioning unfortunately.

The true universal condiment


That Mcdonald’s BBQ signature burger was the best thing they did and then they took it away.