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This is just the “you’ve got a problem with the plot of Game of Thrones? Newsflash guys, there’s DRAGONS” thing isn’t it.

It’s fine for things to be unrealistic or even nonsensical, as long as it works within its own rules (which obviously a fair amount of TDK doesn’t – tbf nobody seems to have a major problem with it as the film bulldozes along under its own steam anyway, but it’s fair enough to point it out).




“all of Phone Booth”

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Think everyone has their own threshold on how nitpicky and Simpsons magic xylophone they wanna be cos every sci fi / action / horror / genre film ever made has had plot elements that don’t totally hold up under scrutiny, it’s usually a trade-off between ultra-tight plotting and spectacle.

It’s a bit like when people complain about exposition. Yeah it can be annoying but it’s also a very useful filmmaking device, some people are just willing to put up with more exposition than others

Don’t mind people pointing out plot holes, also don’t mind other people calling those people nerds


I watched Barbie last night and had a nice time, although I’d already seen all the funniest bits on Instagram

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Yeah, I think tbf to the people who were pointing out the plot holes, they were doing so largely in the context of “the film works despite this”. If that type of thing is common in Nolan’s films then it’s interesting (in a killing-time-on-the-internet way) to wonder how the threshold for accepting it moves relative to the strength of the film/performances, etc.


Mind plot holes far less than the thing in (I think) the third Nolan batman where they spend ages setting up how isolated the prison thing is and how it’ll be impossible to escape and you’re thinking ‘ah cool, they’re going to show me a genius escape sequence where he uses brains and brawn to get back to Gotham city!’ and then he just turns up without explanation.

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I said the film works because it does not make any sense, just like real life terrorism, fits the theme of the film perfectly! The Joker can pull off all that stuff because he is a force of nature, not a traditional movie villain with normal motives like greed, world domination.


Can’t believe they put the two phone mouth pieces together and the two ear pieces together. That completely ruined the believablity of it for me.

Just seen this. Thought the tone was all over the place, it all looked so cheap, probably deliberately so but it was offputting and the songs were all quite annoying. Felt like a bad sketch on a comedy show.

Barbie next!