Barcode Battler

Anyone ever seen one? Did you have one??
Seemed like the worst idea ever, even as a teenager

I did have one but they sounded amazing and were really disappointing in reality

citation needed


Someone got me one for Xmas once. Truly the worst gift I’ve ever received

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Remember in a kind of choose your own adventure rip off book i read in the late 80s, it had a puzzle where you had to input the ‘isbn number’.

Proto barcode battler??

No, but I remember the minor moral outrage that it would encourage kids to… put things in their parents shopping trolley just to get the barcode?!?

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In many (all) ways, the direct predecessor of Pokemon Go.

I literally did this

I had one and quite liked it. Sums me up really.

I had one and it was rubbish. Spent about a day trying to find the ULTIMATE BARCODE.

my friend had one. I remember playing it with him on a car journey and we couldn’t get any barcodes to actually work or to actually do anything. it was shite.

This is my memory of the barcode battler. Hardly any barcodes worked. But maybe I was just shit at scanning barcodes and there was a wonderful world of barcode battling just beyond my grasp.

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Always wanted one :frowning:

Treat yo self.


Scan numbers to get numbers to battle numbers to see whose numbers are number 1

I absolutely loved mine.cant really remember what you were meant to do with it

Had this. Entertainment