Bare leg thread


Have you gone and BL’ed yet?

  • Yes already bare (workin it)
  • No

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No one has seen my legs since the late 80’s



Do you want to bare leg but you’re just waiting for the right time?

  • I’m Hankering to bare leg.
  • Not interested, thanks. (Will avoid baring leg)

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nice shoes!


just been wearing my pyjama bottoms out and about today


Solid creps m9.


I reckon, if I can be bothered to come to he office, tomorrow I might go bare legged. If I’m working on the roof then of course.


think I’m whatever the never-nude equivalent is for bare legs


What’s people’s thoughts on bare leg (spring/summer style) down below but winter up top?

I was speaking to the hairdresser the other day he thought it’s weird to see people in coats or jumpers up top but shorts down bottom. I quite like a jumper and shorts look and even an anorak and shorts.

  • Hairdresser was right.
  • Hairdresser was wrong.

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my legs are bare right now, but I’m alone where I am and I’m indoors

it would be too sexy for me to be out and about like this

  • bare legs, but I can walk around outside
  • bare legs, but it would only be acceptable to be outdoors like this if lots of other people were also outdoors like this for some special occasion

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are shorts the only clothing named after their length?

long johns i guess


goodness me



(search for the hero inside yourself)


mico skirts
mini skirts



For sneaking



long sleeve t-shirt
short sleeve t-shirt