Bargain Thread

Two shits for this?

Can’t knock it!

What you got (don’t nick anything from UKHD irons, dots, the rest of you - you know who you are).

Good cover on that.

I don’t have any bargains to mention right now.

Thanks for trying though, Theo. Better than the other 30 people who have viewed this thread without contributing.


Even cheaper on Kindle! Cheers Lonzy!

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That’s my pleasure. Not the greatest thing I have ever read but very enjoyable.


£15.00 from scotland to london 30 1st class @ Virgin Trains east coast

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You fucking prick!

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I paid about 8 clams for that.

Really enjoying it. Probably finish it by 2018.

my mum has read this book and enjoyed it immensely

That’s a good book that, worth £2 or anyone’s money. I like all his books, all very different to each other.

Mine too. She recommended it too me.

My mum that is. I don’t know yours. Honest.

Brewdog are doing 2 of their beers “Electric India” and “Kingpin” for a pound a bottle.

Bargain for Punks

Ha, already ordered a dozen electric India



fucksake they’re both out of stock

please can i be PERSONALLY contacted with future deals, whatever the nature

they were in stock 4 hours ago.

but yes I will @plasticniki you next time.


These are back on sale.

I bought a 12 pack of Electric India.

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MIne have arrived at work today (pretty pacy), I am WFH…

That’s good innit.

I wanted to get more but mr pn said I wasn’t allowed because we are buying a flat and we can’t spend any money.


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Tezzers has 3 for £5 on cans of brooklyn lager/east IPA