Bargains you have spotted recently

Might offer them a fiffa for the lot.

£99 fretless bass

how much with frets?


No worries.


That’s bound to be shit, though, isn’t it.

£9.99 flight from Manchester to Eindhoven.


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is that not a double bass?!

it played really well, and sounded good acoustically, didn’t plug it in though


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Nope! You can get fretless electric basses. A very eighties sound.

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thats a synth

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that’s not a synth, that’s a synth:

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Big bag of easy peeler citrus for 49p in Aldi. Also plums / kiwi / apples all for 49p. Good quality, too

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Posted last night but whatevs. Coat that I saw for ~100 bones in a shop - 39.99 on the internet:

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that’s a coat and a half.

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i saw a coat like that once, it was dead cheap. When i put it on I couldn’t help thinking of liam gallagher though.