can we talk about bargains? is toffifee a bargain?

  • yes
  • no
  • abstain

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poll is for both qs

Depends on the price


toffifee is a pound

Toffifee are so delicious, I only discovered them a couple of years ago but only occasionally buy them as a special treat. I think they would need to double the quantity of Toffifee in one pack in order to call them a bargain.


will never try toffifee in protest of that annoying advert with the creepy child

I only ever see them in Home Bargains so, yes

I was thinking if you took them out the box and put them stacked into a tower would the tower be longer than eg a pack of rolos and how much would a pack of rolos be if you made them as tall as the tower of toffifees. I think that’d be a fun test

Long time since I was in an airport, but pretty sure long before and some time after it became a pound shop staple Toffifee was a duty free staple at about £5 for the same size of pack.