Barnet sucks

Nothing going on there. Nothing I’ve heard about anyway. Never been but I can’t imagine I’m wrong?

What say you?

You on about the place or a haircut?

@eems land, innit

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I go to Barnet a fair bit
I like the Everyman there
There’s a good sushi place there
There’s a tootoomoo there

Errr think I go to Homebase in Barnet but can’t be sure

I’m mere alumni. @anon76851889 is current barnet massive.

so in answer to the OP, colin is going on there, which is ample for a place.

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I think my dad was born in Stevenage and then lived in Barnet. Do you know him? Mr Balonz

Edgar Davids was there for a bit.


absolutely thrilled there’s a thread on barnet by the way

how exciting. how come?

yeah it’s alright

really? wow. where?

OK once upon a time I outgrew Barnet but now it’s cultural references are ahead of me. Well done Barnet. (aka don’t know what this means)

yeah Friern Barnet/New Southgate I know it well

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Suspect you’re thinking of North Finchley for Homebase… It closed earlier this month.

Yokoso is our favourite Japanese place locally if you haven’t tried it - only opened up fairly recently.

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no. I did go to school with a Balonz Jenkins though.


Oh and Melange does good pan-European dining. Recommended.

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What does Paul McCartney say to the hairdresser after having his barnet done?


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Just looked this up, looks alright.

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I live in Southgate so not a million miles away

I do not remember the name of the sushi place and I suspect it probably was in Finchley anyway

Tootoomoo is just a north London Asian food chain. I like the salt and pepper squid.

@anon76851889 yep my sushi place wasn’t in Barnet either but it’s Nippon Izakaya
Shame about the Homebase! They did good indoor plants


There’s a couple of sushimania’s around down that way… Always wondered if all you can eat sushi is a good idea or not…

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@tilty likes an all you can eat sushi

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Went to a game there when Edgar Davids managed them. John Oster was playing for Barnet

Don’t forget New and East (to a lesser extent Friern)