Barnet sucks

anyone who says “Barnet” referring to the London Borough of Barnet needs to be educated imo

High Barnet



The one in Nottingham wasn’t terrible, though tbh I didn’t really have any sushi. Stuck to tempura, gyozas etc.

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is barnet london


i’d like to take a great big texas sized shit on barnet

Watch it or I’ll make you remain sausage pasta for another year.

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I worked for the Barnet council planning team for a bit, they had a really good building with an excellent canteen and fantastic jacket potatoes. My great aunt lives in a bit of Barnet where all the roads are named after birds, I used to work next to the team that names the streets and I really wanted to ask them what was up with the bird names but I lacked the courage

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One of the big questions in my life, I’ve found.

Everything south of Birmingham is London

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Including Australia?

Except Australia, Lombardy and Croydon.

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yeah I reckon so

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Can I pay you right now pleeeeeease


Sorry. It was posted here a while back and has been stuck in my head ever since.

especially Australia

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My wife’s sister and husband live in Totteridge which is right next to Barnet. We go to Barnet regularly when we visit. It doesn’t seem too bad. Incidentally Mike Ashley lives in Totteridge. Huuuuuuge house.

Arsene Wenger used to live there too I think. Maybe he still does.

My Dad used to live near Woodside Park so I’d often wake up at High Barnet station after an evening in the pub after work and nodding off on the Northern Line.

I once woke up there and bumped into my sister and my Dad who had both done the same thing.