Barry Chuckle in a bath of beer getting a massage off Ingrid Tarrant



There’s been some really good “say what you see” threads in recent days. This is a positive development for our charming little community.


That was Roy Walker I believe, this is Barry Chuckle - would probably class it as a ‘to me to you’ thread

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I don’t really know what a “to me to you” thread is


Probably about snowballing.

Sorry, not interested in IDLES lyri-oh.

Pass the Parcel memories?

That water looks a bit “Blackpool” :poop: :nauseated_face:

Chucklevision was absolutely shit, still got a lot of time for Barry though

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did you know that the guy who always turns up and says ‘no slacking’ was their brother in real life too?

don’t remember any other characters, just Paul and Barry carrying a massive sofa every episode and dropping it on Paul’s foot over and over again for all eternity

This is your worst take ever.


it was one of those programs where the theme tune was great but the show never delivered on that promise

like grandstand or ski sunday

On my friends birthday ever year he changes his profile picture on Facebook to him pushing Anthony Worrall Thomas on a swing and never responds to any of the questions about how this scenario came about.


Thomas or Thomson?

Neither! Thompson

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You’re thinking of the Sopranos

sopranos is the opposite, great show irritating theme tune