Barry is that you? (Rockaway Beach)

Anyone been to the previous ones they’ve run? Any good?

It’s definitely not Barry with that line-up.


The festival went ahead as planned last year

No Barry for sure then :laughing:


Really good festival run by really good people. It’s been postponed this time round which is hopefully not due to cash flow problems.

Line up isn’t as good as previous years

Really doubt many people fancy going to Bognor 2 weeks after Christmas.

been for last 2 years. really nice festival not pricey and an ATP type crowd. blanck mass and jan wobble superb last year. close to london and venue a 10 mins walk from train station (not like the taunton-minehead misery coach).

definitely undersold last year though. hope it survives.

Taken from the transformer events website :joy: He isn’t involved with Rockaway beach
Who is behind Transformer?
Transformer is a new series of shows brought to you by the Victoria Warehouse.

Is ATP behind this event?
Contrary to some suggestions otherwise, the Victoria Warehouse is the sole promoter of Transformer and is wholly responsible for financing the show.
Is Barry Hogan involved in any way?
Barry Hogan is not a promoter of this event, nor is he financially involved in any way. He acts as a consultant to the venue on all of our events including Transformer but he is no longer promoting events.

Definitely not ATP/Barry involved in this. In fact, it’s a certain long-haired DiSer who was involved in booking the acts for the first couple (not sure about this one though).

Cool. Maybe hooking up with DiS or similar is what Rockaway Beach need to sell lots of tickets and get former ATP-ers onboard. Then again maybe they are/will be fine. Can’t help but feel they need a few solid headliners to pull people in.
Remember the lad from ATP who posted here and always needed taking down a peg or two? :laughing:

British Sea Power, Gang of Four and Pulled Apart by Horses added.

friend went 2 years ago when The Fall played. said it was v good i think.

Cool. I could be tempted but still needs a real mind blowing headliner or two I think to get me on a plane etc