Barry off Eastenders is going on CBB


With derek acorah!


Surely he must have been in before?

The exact level of fame required for CBB


He has NOT

Sonia did though


I mean, I’m not going to check and I’m not calling you liar but I don’t believe you.


surely derek acorah already knows if he’s going to win or not?


I was going to make a ‘Seance Williamson’ joke, but then remembered that he spells his name ‘Shaun’


It would have been a rubbish joke


Still one of the best things on the internet.


Don’t think he needs magical powers to know he will not be winning tbf



edit: I just realised I made this exact same joke on friday and it wasn’t funny then


Fuck me i love big brother


barry was trained at the royal shakespeare company wasn’t he. amazing.


Terrible line-up, but it almost always is and it’s almost always TV gold. CAN’T WAIT LADS.