Barry - Season 2


You’re the king of suckballs!


Such a fucking great show

I feel like it would be huge if it was on Netflix


Great great episode this week. Top 3 of all time I reckon.


episode 4 is probably the best they’ve done, the way they manage to shift between the tense/serious stuff and the comedy is incredible

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This is an interesting point. Game of Thrones is an HBO show which probably has more cultural capital than any Netflix show, but it started a couple of years before Netflix streaming became ubiquitous. I wonder if GOT started on HBO, this year, if it would - could - be as popular as it is.

Still, that 2nd-episode renewal suggests Barry is doing just fine ratings-wise so that’s a relief at least.


Been scheduled just after GOT in the US: seen its viewing figures jump from 0.42m to 1.94m in two weeks. Handy!

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Holy shit episode 5 is amazing.


after the first couple of minutes i was worried they were doing a bottle episode but fucking hell i was wrong…

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Hilarious episode


…actually not sure they can top that. Incredible.

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Same with Search Party


I don’t know if I’m the only one who thought it was the grittiest episode of Bottom ever made


The individual episodes of this are still good but I don’t think that it has overall matched the quality of season 1. The overall narrative arc isn’t as good, especially the show they’re putting on at the theatre, and the jokes aren’t quite as strong.


i disagree, i think this whole season has been a step up in quality, there hasn’t been as much of the theatre stuff but i think that’s been the trade off for having more of hank, who’s the best thing about it


I’m with lastdino. Season 2 has been great but feels a bit looser than the first. Also I miss Janice.


All of Sally’s scenes in latest ep are pure gold.


if he kills gene i’m going to be so annoyed



This dicks on Game of Thrones btw

And I like GoT


So I’m high af but episode 5 was one of the best episodes I’ve ever seen l, that was insane

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last episode was absolutely tremendous as expected, be interesting to see what they do with the 3rd series as the whole theatre aspect seems to have run it’s course