Baseball Designated Hitters

Seems like there isn’t a rolling Baseball thread on here which surprised me. I thought you guys loved that shit? @Severed799? @hip_young_gunslinger? @escutcheon? @ghostpony

Anyway, apparently there’s a big kerfuffle about Designated Hitters

Can someone tell me which side of the debate to position myself for maximum tolling on Twitter of those who care about baseball?

(Basically it sounds like a system whereby you admit your best pitcher is probably shit at batting so you’re allowed an extra player to bat. They don’t do this sort of thing in Cricket do they?)

Et tu, Theo?


I like it when they steal and when they make it home

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But I just want to troll sports fans with more expertise

Designated lickers

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You would have expected at least 1 baseball Netrunner crossover

I’ve not read into the lore of the corporate sports stuff, e.g.

But this one is a baseball field.


It has been known for teams to make creative use of the substitute fielder rules. If a bowler is substituted for treatment for, say, 2 overs, they are not allowed to bowl for 2 overs when they come back onto the field, but that doesn’t apply to batsmen in quite the same way (it starts to get a bit complicated with batsmen).

There were a few instances where teams have been accused of making tactical substitutions in cricket so that specialist fielders are out on the field, but who do not bowl or bat.

(Eg Australia accused England of doing it during the ashes a few years back)

Thanks but unfortunately I realised a few words into your first reply how brutally dull cricket is. Sorry.


I took my cue from the OP

Take…me out to the ball game, take me out to the baaaaalll

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One of the joys of cricket, an infinitely better game, is seeing a no.11 come out and look like you with the bat. As a kid, seeing Devon Malcolm, Tufnell, Walsh, Ambrose bat was truly inspirational stuff. Joyous


More of a Todd Bonzalez fan myself.

Dwigt Rortugal, MVP of my heart

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i went to this game last year and it was absolutely brilliant