Baseless wine glasses 🍷



State of these:

Have you ever used one? I really can’t see the point in them.

What can’t you see the point in?


Can’t see the point? That’s all there is!!!




I could understand it if there was a special tray that they can be carried around in (like, with holes in it for them to sit in), as it might reduce the risk of a tray of glasses going flying if a waiter trips up or is nudged.


I’ve only ever been handed one in people’s homes rather than in The Ivy or China Whites or wherever you eat marckee.


Ambassadors’ receptions, mainly.


Weird! You hold a shot glass for about 3 seconds, what’s the point of fancy-pantsing them up?


Have you tried lube?



I think I’d end up drinking faster because I couldn’t pop it down anywhere.




That’s the second most penoid thing I’ve ever seen, after @japes wheel spoke tension graph.


I really like those! :heart:




I’d lose the stem the instant I detached.


So classy!



think these would actually be pretty useful at a cocktail


read as “baselines with glasses” which would be a good thread imo


Work of the divil. That is all.