Basic recipes - polls and getting wound up at each other


No. 1 - leek and potato soup

  • Baked
  • Boiled

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  • On
  • Off

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Onions & garlic

  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Both
  • Neither

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  • Chicken stock
  • Veg stock
  • Water
  • Other

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  • Single cream/elmlea
  • Double cream
  • Creme fraiche
  • Other
  • None

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Thread got boring.


Got bored after 2 polls but I’d made my bed by that point


And then shat it



Don’t hide behind a cloake of authority!!!


Who the fuck is putting a baked potato in a soup??? what are you talking about?


Turns out it’s much nicer.


what a faff though. like those who bake it for mash, might as well just have baked potato for tea


pan-fry/sweat the potatoes and leeks together


The article I posted agrees with you too:

Best of all from a taste point of view, if you’ve got the oven on anyway, is a potato baked in its skin,


Yeah but you don’t have to bake them just before. My gf prebakes potatoes for work lunches, so just chuck a couple extra in for soup making




my thought exactly


On a Sunday she’ll bake a few potatoes, then i guess microwaves them at work for lunch in the week


put a bit of baking parchment over them, lid on 10 minutes low heat then add stock and do again 10 minutes.


No idea why anyone would peel. Lot of effort to make your soup taste of less



Dunno, never eaten them


I voted in all of these polls, but never actually made it. You’re welcome.