Basil Brush's punk rock Christmas single

Basil Brush has released a Christmas single tribute to the late 70s punk scene.

Reminds me of the sort of thing Chris Sievey used to do I suppose.

Punk was over before 1979 though

Christmas No1 1979 was Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall

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This does kind of remind me of merry xmas I don’t want to fight tonight though.

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Just checked the Christmas top 50 1979

Skids at # 27
UK Subs at # 38
Clash (London Calling) in at # 43
The Damned at # 48

pretty much over

Tbf punk probably reached it’s peak in terms of quality in 1979 with GI


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Goran Ivanisevic I think


January 14th 1978

Chart positions aren’t a good indicator of this sort of thing

Maybe not but the chart was already full of post-punk … which probably peaked commercially just a couple of months later

Avril Lavigne got chart hits in the 00s, punk lives