Basketball, anyone a fan?!


I’m not but my pal sent me this and described the fella as the iniesta of basketball, pretty impressive.



Problem with Jason ‘white chocolate’ Williams was that for every flashy pass, there are about 10 turnovers and air balls. Amazing street baller, but never really cut it in the nba.



Bit like Iniesta then…


I wondered if that might be the case, I know fuck all about basketball.


I liked that behind the back then off his other arm/elbow disguised pass

No idea if that’s a common thing or not


Yeah that’s pretty cool


Steph curry is probably the iniesta of basketball. Incredibly good handles, superb shot and dishes out passes like a monster.


last week fucked around and got a triple double


I can remember watching a close game where the Lakers coached didn’t trust Jason Williams to control the ball, so instead had crack-addict Lamar Odom be the ball carrier instead.

I think that sums up Jason Williams.


I’ll check him out


Used to be when it was on Channel 4 and Shaq played fpr orlando and Grant Hill was fresh.