🏀 🏀 🏀 NBA 2017/2018 SEASON 🏀 🏀 🏀


done I think!


Kyrie is this weird catch 22. offense doesn’t flow as well when he’s on the court, but he makes up for it with scoring. off the court, and with horford on, our spacing is tonnes better and I feel a lot more ‘comfortable’ as a fan.

Wish Kyrie was a bit more…considered in his offense, but he’s fucking joyous to watch, so :man_shrugging:


enjoying the fact that the celts are pasting washington despite irving and horford being out.






I picked that upset :sunglasses:


we’re tied!


Arizona OUT


Fuck. Bracket = busted.

Edit: actually, I think I lost my champion pick really early in the tournament last year, but because I had Gonzaga as my other finalist I still got enough points to win our family trophy. I still have a shot.


Bamba is gonna have an NBA career

(enjoying this enthusiasm for NCAA tbh. Can we change the thread to be BASKETBALL THREAD and @Flashinglight can you come here more often?)


this Texas-Nevada game is going off :smiley:


I don’t have much to contribute besides enthusiasm, not great at sports talk or analysis.


What’s happening? I knew that I shouldn’t have gone up to bed already.


overtime! Bamba fouled out. Nevada missed two at the line to win the game before Texas turned it over, but Nevada then failed to convert.


Tense! All I watched this evening was pretty uneventful, like Butler - Arkansas (though always like seeing Butler play well tbf).


There’s like zero serious chat or analysis in this thread anyway :smiley: getting into the tournament properly this year because of your contribution anyway


damn! Longhorns out.


Glad I could help you get into the spirit of it this year! Remember being 20 points ahead at this stage doesn’t mean much at this stage though :wink:


I’ve just fucked up a large section of the bracket with Texas losing :smiley:

had them going to sweet 16.


Think I have like three of my Sweet Sixteen out already, so I wouldn’t sweat it too much.