⛹️‍♀ ⛹ 🏀 BASKETBALL/NBA 2020/21 SEASON ⛹️‍♀ ⛹ 🏀

nearly upon us again.

Chris Paul to the Suns eh?

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just read that Hawks are interested in Gordon Hayward

cancel the fucking season


If you need any references on players, teams or whatever, my pal has created the bible of basketball. (Not to be viewed on a phone fyi, it’s too big)

He’s has a really tough time this year so if you find it a valuable resource pls consider dropping him a donation!


I’ve not been following the off season. Are GSW going to be fully fit/have chance of being in contention/get a decent pick in the draft?

They’ll be fully fit and have the number 2 pick in the draft. I’m sure they’ll be fine

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Everything seems to be going just fine in Houston atm. Looking forward to the season.

What a cursed sports city.


Think Harden for Simmons will happen? Or will they be too petty and not want to give Morey any advantages

He’s pushing for Brooklyn, isn’t he?


Feels like it’s going to be a strange season for the Raptors, either Giannis signs his extension in Milwaukee and we’ll need to pivot to a less than ideal plan B, or Giannis doesn’t extend and everyone just wants this season over as quickly as possible. Still think we’ll be a competent, well organised team at worst and make the playoffs, but 5th seed in the East might be about as good as it gets.

Also hoping that they play at least part of the season in Nashville just because I have family here, but not sure how likely that is.

some great names in this year’s draft

Immanuel Quickley
Obi Toppin
Precious Achiuwa
Jay Scrubb

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Didn’t realise the draft was tonight. Feels like there’s no one really hyped in this class at all. So it’ll probably have a Hall of Famer or 2

wondering if Hawks will manage to offload their pick at all. pretty sure there’s a desire to, or at least to trade down?

or at least it makes sense to. the team needs experience.

the nearly consensus number 1 pick has just come out and said he doesn’t like basketball and would prefer to play in the nfl.

this is gonna be one of the worst draft classes of all time.


Ainge apparently doing everything he can to move us into the top 3 tonight too.


still can’t get over him offering the picks that turned into Tatum and Brown (plus more) to move up to draft Justise fucking Winslow a few years ago. The only reason that didn’t happen is because Michael Jordan is a clown.

Can’t wrap my head around the idea of not loving basketball, and I’m shit at it.


The Bucks made some interesting moves.

Sucks for them they didn’t just keep Brogdon.

Schroder to the Lakers for Danny Green and the 28th pick too.

yeah thats a stupidly good deal for the Lakers imo.

the Holiday one above is terrible for the Bucks, but they’re desperate to keep Giannis so…


really miss Stern getting booed at the draft