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he wasn’t objectively bad at all IMO this season. just really bad given what we paid him and the return we got since he signed.

30 fucking million a year tho lol. We lose badly here since him leaving doesn’t affect our salary cap for some reason - this is why we were trying to sign and trade with Indiana - but on the other hand, Charlotte are paying Gordon Hayward 30 million a year for 4 years.

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he’s fine

not really a starter, even if he got loads of minutes for the Heat, but he’ll do a shift defensively and drain plenty from behind the arc, even if he’ll do it in patches


so glad it isn’t Hawks giving him that

(haven’t checked if Rondo is happening and how much we’re paying)

2 years/$15 million

just saw

that doesn’t seem awful, but idk

just the whole thing about him being more useful to teams already at playoff level

With Gallinari shouldn’t you be at playoff level?

hmm, maybe

seems some doubt about what he offers defensively, but we seem to be covering that with who else is coming in

plus, Hunter and Reddish should be making a step up this year

Kris Dunn also coming to the Hawks

kind of exciting bringing in some legitimate established talent, even if they aren’t top players

Trae Young
John Collins
Clint Capela
Kevin Huerter
De’Andre Hunter
Cam Reddish
Danilo Gallinari
Rajon Rondo
Tony Snell
Kris Dunn
Onyeka Okongwu

and etc

not a bad squad

also Nate McMillan on the coaching staff

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Who’s his agent? Kudos. Guy might be more brittle than glass.

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wondering who the Hawks would trade to get Bogdan…

fuck, he’d be a huge signing, but I really want Cam, Kev and D’Andre Hunter to stay.

we’ve just signed Tristan Thompson.

2020 can’t get worse, surely

Bogi’s signed the offer sheet

bit mad if the Kings don’t match, but I reallllly hope they pass