⛹️‍♀ ⛹ 🏀 BASKETBALL/NBA 2020/21 SEASON ⛹️‍♀ ⛹ 🏀

the way he was trying to chase down and block everything was incredible. so much passion in his game to go with his unreal athleticism and talent.

amazing story.

Knew nothing about Giannis before this morning, what an incredible story

Whatever the most optimistic of those vague projections for Giannis might have been doesn’t matter. It would be a disservice to say he has surpassed them. He has exceeded expectations in the same way that the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel has done a fantastic job of keeping the rain out



It remains grim reading for men’s sports in Arizona

Club Sport League Championships
Arizona Cardinals American football National Football League 2 (1925, 1947)
Phoenix Suns Basketball National Basketball Association 0
Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball Major League Baseball 1 (2001)
Arizona Coyotes Ice hockey National Hockey League 0

i love him :sob:


Half sprite half lemonade :face_with_monocle:


Next year is the Rockets’ year



Coming up to the best time of the NBA year, draft week! Very intrigued by Alperen Sengun, winning the Turkish league MVP at age 18 is no joke. Could be a great fit with the Warriors alongside Wiseman as the rim protector.
Rumours circulating that my Raptors are considering taking Scottie Barnes at 4, who to me seems like a giant bust. They should just be boring and take Suggs, he will be a quality starter at worst.

Really good of the athletic to send me this a couple of hours ago


Thanks for that

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hard to feel good about what was still an incredible season, innit

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It sucks cos losing 4 after being 2-0 up feels like shitting the bed a bit, but we really didn’t, like we were right there in game 4 and 5, but what can you do when Giannis is doing what he did? Stop jrue and Middleton. We did that in game 6 and Giannis dropped 50 and learned to shoot free throws :joy:

At least we lost to a generational talent who’s genuinely likable. And not the Lakers or the fucking Clippers


or the Nets!

it also feels like… well, with the Falcons in the NFL, they didn’t make it back to the Superbowl, and they may not for god knows how long.

your Suns, my Hawks, the future is still promising, but this was such a big chance at a chip, wasn’t it?

hopefully both will be right in the mix for years to come

So the Raptors have taken Barnes, and I’ve done a 180. A switchable defensive gem with freakish wingspan and untapped offensive potential. Or a giant bust.

Oh, and Westbrook to the Lakers will end in tears.

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Tried to figure out what this would do to their salary cap, but that meant trying to figure out what the salary cap was, which meant trying to understand how the cap works, and now I think my brain has leaked out my ear


Maybe it’ll all work out since they have about 6 players left on the squad.

getting rid of KCP feels … unwise

Yeah that supporting cast will be interesting

this dude looks like an unbelievable pick at 48?!


sounds like his shooting had been affected by just straight-up not being able to play

got ourselves the perfect backup for Trae, I thinm

also: holy smokes, just saw Russ to the Lakers?!