Bassist Wanted (South London Based)

Hi Folks,

We’re a two piece indie rock band based in Tooting in our early demo’ing stages (though it’s Daniel Johnston levels of demo tracks) and general band infancy, though ratching up the momentum and keen to get in a bassist to help complete our sound, and start gigging.

Still finding our sound somewhat (and happy for others to help create one), but so far there’s a definite College Rock vibe, with our mutual influences being bands like Husker Du, The Replacements, Sonic Youth, JEW, Nada Surf, The Wrens, Van Pelt, Pixies etc. Loud, distorted, but with infectious poppy hooks and all that goodness.

Definitely not looking for a human metronome, and would relish some creative bass playing. If that sounds good to you get in touch. Oh, and we’re in our late 20’s and early 30’s should that be significant.