Bathroom stuuff a poll thread

fyi it’s Baudrillard’s America at the moment in case you needed postmodern angst with your movements


My old bathroom in Grangetown had a washing machine in it, until it broke and the landlord refused to replace it. Had to do all my washing in the bath.

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rubber duck

  • rub a duck duck
  • rub a duck dont

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Heated towel rail

  • Yes
  • No

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For me alone or for the collective users of the shower?


no holder, just free and loose

For you

Got a radiator which performs the same valuable role for one towel at a time

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alpkit catalogue

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Yeah. Or a toilet, sink and shower.

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how on brand


remember going to a friends house as a kid being grossed out by all the magazines in the toilet presumably covered in poo particles.
fine with that now though


can’t believe you made this private you coward


Radio in your bathroom?

  • No, I wash in silence
  • I use my phone for entertainment
  • Yes of course
  • Something else

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I believe that gnome has the UE Boom in there atm

If by silence you mean the sound of my own mellifluous voice/family members asking me questions about socks etc then yes, silence

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why didn’t they use toilet roll


remember those things that are like a tray you put in front of you in the bath (resting on each side of the bath) with compartments for soap and a sponge or whatever?

anyone have one? What are they even called?